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Encourage Learning With School Disinfection Services

Sickness spreads fast in schools. Suddenly, everyone is sniffling, coughing, or sneezing, and kiddos are calling in sick. When a student misses a day of school, they fall behind. When a teacher calls in sick, the whole class does. You need to ensure your educational facility is clean and hygienic throughout the year to avoid these scenarios.

Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. is here to help. As your school cleaning company, we clean and disinfect your educational facility to limit the spread of germs and keep kids in school. Our commercial cleaning services routinely address high-touch surfaces like desks, light switches, door handles, and more. We keep your educational facility as clean as possible so students and staff can focus on learning, not on recovering from the flu.

Unleash an Uncluttered Mind

Keeping your educational facility clean does more than just prevent sickness from spreading. It can also improve student performance. In an uncluttered learning environment, students have fewer distractions and can direct more of their attention to problem solving and absorbing facts. Our cleaning solutions promote this type of environment because we want to do our part to help our future generations thrive!

Find the Right Cleaning Company for Your School Today

When you choose CFM as the cleaning company for your school, you set your educational facility up for success. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation and discover how we can support your students’ learning.

Enroll in Summer Janitorial Services for Schools

Summertime is the perfect time for maintenance at your educational facility. Students are enjoying their break, and teachers are preparing their new curriculum. Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. offers summer floor maintenance programs that help you prepare your facility for next school year’s foot traffic.

Our scrubbing and buffing floor care services effectively lift dirt and grime, while our stripping and waxing services ensure your hard floors are polished and safe for students to walk on. For your carpets, we provide steaming, shampooing, and conditioning services that remove stains, odors, and static from their fibers. No matter your floor care needs, we have you covered.

How We Make a Difference

At Corporate Facilities Management, Inc., we are driven by a commitment to quality and strive to provide the cleanest facilities possible, setting students and staff up for success. We do this by visiting each of our clients on a weekly basis, allowing us to check in, adjust your cleaning schedule, make improvements, and exceed your expectations.

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