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Keep your commercial restroom spotless with CFM’s restroom cleaning services.

Transform Your Restroom With Comprehensive Commercial Restroom Cleaning

No one wants to walk into a dirty restroom. Unsanitary toilets and urinals and wet floors can make both employees and customers turn their noses at using your facilities. Left unattended, an unclean restroom can spread germs and lead to cross-contamination, putting employees and customers at risk. You need to partner with a commercial restroom cleaner that understands the importance of keeping your restrooms spotless.

When it comes to commercial restroom cleaning, Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. does not mess around. We know that maintaining a clean restroom is essential for health and safety and that the cleanliness of your facility directly reflects the quality of your business. With our thorough restroom cleaning procedures, your restrooms stay clean and tidy throughout the day.

Adopt a Flexible Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Every business has different cleaning needs. If your business sees a high volume of foot traffic throughout the day, you may need to clean the bathroom multiple times during a shift. CFM offers flexible restroom cleaning services for all of our clients. We can restock soap dispensers and paper towels, sweep and mop the floor, sanitize toilet seats and bowls, and empty trash receptacles several times a day depending on your needs.

Fight Germs With CDC-Approved Restroom Cleaning

Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. uses CDC-approved, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to eliminate germs. Our green-certified cleaning products kill germs for up to 48 hours, ensuring your restroom is a safe, clean place.

Schedule Your Free Restroom Cleaning Consultation

No matter what industry you work in, keeping your restrooms clean is a must. Reach out to Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. to schedule a free consultation and achieve a new level of cleanliness.

See How We Make a Difference

Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. provides all-inclusive janitorial proposals. While our competitors often do the bare minimum, we strive to go above and beyond to ensure your restrooms are as clean and sanitary as possible. If our employees recognize an issue outside the project’s scope, they address it immediately.

CFM also makes weekly supervisor visits to ensure our staff is exceeding your expectations. Our goal is to make sure your restroom reflects the upstanding quality of your organization.

We Do More Than Just Restroom Cleaning

CFM is a full-service facility maintenance provider. Explore our full range of services and discover how we can support your business today.

Freshen Up With Our Restroom Cleaning Services

Every business needs to maintain clean restrooms. Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. provides superior restroom cleaning services for all types of facilities in Birmingham, AL, and its surrounding areas, including:

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