Commercial Pest Control Services

Conquer critters in your commercial facility.

Put an End to Pests With Commercial Pest Control Services

Have you ever seen a mouse scurry behind the cupboards in your office’s kitchenette? Or a cockroach in the corner of the bathroom? Although the thought of pests may give you goosebumps, you need to know what is really going on beneath the surface of your commercial facility. Pests and critters like rats, cockroaches, ants, and termites often find their way into commercial buildings. These pesky intruders can spread disease, damage structures and materials, and harm your business’s reputation.

Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. offers commercial pest control and facility maintenance services that terminate termites, remove rodents, and kill cockroaches. Our effective pest control services ensure your business is a safe and sanitary place to work and that creepy crawlies don’t overrun your operations.

Industrial Pest Control Is Not an Option—It Is a Requirement

Eliminating pests from your facility is an essential practice that maintains the health and integrity of your employees, customers, and the building itself. CFM’s industrial pest control solutions are the ideal way to keep your facility safe, especially if it is newly constructed or you have had a recent pest outbreak. We offer our commercial pest control services to businesses throughout Alabama and the Southeast.

How Our Business Pest Control Services Protect Your Facility

CFM offers quarterly business pest control services that eliminate pests throughout the year. Our professional pest control technicians use several methods to prevent pest infestation on your commercial property, including:

  • Bug spraying
  • Rodent traps
  • Installing termite meters
  • Pesticides
  • Personalized pest management plans

Schedule a Consultation for Commercial Pest Removal Today

If you have been struggling to keep pests out of your commercial property, it is time to get in touch with a commercial pest control service provider. Contact Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. today to schedule a free pest control consultation.

Telltale Signs You Need Industrial Pest Control

Regular pest management programs keep pest populations to a minimum. If you begin noticing one or more of these signs, it is time to call your industrial pest control service provider.

  • You see the pests. If you see pests scurrying around your facility, they have likely taken up residence there.
  • Droppings or insect remains. Something has to leave droppings and body parts like wings or legs behind.
  • Unexplained holes. These could be potential nesting or breeding grounds.
  • Damaged wood or frayed wires. Termites build their colonies in wood, and rodents gnaw on things because their teeth grow nonstop.
  • Too many spiders. Spiders tend to live where there is a steady food supply.

Every Industry Needs Commercial Pest Control Services

Whether you run an office building, industrial facility, car dealership, or another type of commercial facility, keeping pests off your premises is a must. Our commercial pest control services ensure you can focus on running your business, not chasing down tiny, foul beasts.

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