Cleaning Services in Huntsville, AL

Keep your business in perfect shape with our facility maintenance and commercial cleaning services in Huntsville, AL.

Professional Cleaning Services in Huntsville, AL

When your facility needs sprucing, Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. is here to help. As the most populated city in Alabama, the Huntsville economy is robust, and your operation is no different. With a clean work environment that goes beyond surface-level tidying, your business can run at its best.

Revitalize Your Facility With Superior Cleaning Solutions

  • Day Porters

    Does your workplace need thorough cleaning throughout the day? We will keep your environment as welcoming and tidy as possible while you focus on your facility’s daily upkeep.

  • Night Porters

    Keep disruptions at a minimum with nighttime cleaning services that will have your business in perfect condition before the start of the next day.

  • Sanitation Services

    Your environment may be clean, but is it properly sanitized? Keep illness-causing germs, airborne bacteria, and viruses at bay with comprehensive disinfection and sanitization services.

  • Restroom Cleaning

    No one enjoys a dirty restroom. CFMs flexible restroom cleaning checklist and CDC-approved cleaning solutions will keep your restrooms in tip-top shape for up to 48 hours.

  • Consumable Products

    Your janitorial supplies are an underrated yet critical element to a well-maintained facility. Ensure you never run out of essential supplies with our restocking services.

Keep Your Floors in Pristine Shape With Floor Waxing and Carpet Cleaning in Huntsville, AL

  • Scrubbing and Buffing

    Sweeping and mopping are fine cleaning methods, but they will not cut through the harsh dirt and grime that quickly builds up on your floors. Our efficient scrubbing and buffing services employ high-quality cleaning while keeping your floors safe.

  • Floor Waxing and Stripping

    Achieve the perfect shine with waxing and stripping solutions for your linoleum, vinyl, tile, or hardwood flooring. Your employees and patrons will be amazed at the glossy, detailed finish on your sparkling floors.

  • Carpet Cleaning

    Keep your carpet looking brand-new with comprehensive cleaning services that will accommodate your facility’s needs.

Commercial Cleaning Is Not Our Only Claim to Fame. Explore Our Other Maintenance Services

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