Scrubbing and Buffing Floors

Restore the shine of your commercial facility with our floor scrubbing and buffing services.

We Upgrade Your Cleaning Routine by Scrubbing and Buffing Floors

Regular sweeping and mopping are great for keeping your floors clean throughout the workday. However, these cleaning methods cannot cut deep into soiled floors or eradicate dirt and grime buildup—they are topical solutions to more significant cleaning issues.

Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. offers scrubbing and buffing floor services that remove dirt and grime effectively and protect your flooring material. We use high-quality scrubbers and cleaning products to lift tough stains and oily residue from your floor. Then, we use a buffing machine to remove any imperfections and provide a perfect floor finish. The result? Shining, glossy floors that truly reflect your organization’s upstanding values.

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Discover the Benefits of Our Scrubbing and Floor Buffing Services

CFM’s scrubbing and floor buffing services should be an essential part of your organization’s commercial cleaning regimen. Here are a few advantages of partnering with us to scrub and buff your floors:

  • Better overall appearance

    Maintaining clean floors with our professional floor cleaning services makes your facility look better across the board. With less dust and fewer blemishes, visitors can focus on the quality of your work rather than tiptoeing around dirty floors.

  • Longer lifespan

    Proper care of your wood or laminate floors protects the material from unnecessary wear and tear. In doing so, our scrubbing and wood floor buffing services extend the lifespan of your flooring for years.

  • Improved safety

    When we regularly scrub and buff your floors, we remove particulate matter that can make your floors slippery and reduce the number of contaminants like dust or allergens. This helps prevent slip-and-fall hazards and improves indoor air quality.

Scrubbing and Buffing Floor Services for a Range of Industries

No matter what industry you work in, clean floors are a must. They reduce safety hazards, improve air quality, and make your facility a more pleasant place to be in. Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. provides full-service floor scrubbing services for a wide variety of industries in Birmingham, AL, and surrounding areas. This includes:

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