Cleaning Services in Birmingham, AL

With best-in-class commercial cleaning services, Corporate Facilities Management delivers pristine workspaces that help showcase your commitment to excellence.

Professional Cleaning Services in Birmingham, AL

When it comes to corporate office spaces, it’s crucial to create a positive first impression—and it all starts with maintaining clean and inviting premises. CFM understands you need a commercial cleaning service that goes beyond surface-level tidying. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to transform your office space and ensure your business always looks its best.

Elevate Your Office Space With Commercial Cleaning Services in Birmingham, AL

  • Day Porters

    Our expert day porters are here to assist you in maintaining a clean and organized space throughout the day. Whether it’s handling regular cleaning tasks or promptly addressing spills and messes, CFM is dedicated to ensuring your premises remain inviting and professional at all times.

  • Night Porters

    Our night porters work after hours to maintain a spotless workspace. They tackle comprehensive cleaning tasks—including dusting and mopping—to create an immaculate environment that’s ready to welcome you and your team each morning.

  • Sanitation

    CFM understands the importance of maintaining a healthy workspace, and our cleaning services in Birmingham, Alabama include thorough sanitation practices to minimize the spread of germs and create a hygienic atmosphere for your employees and visitors. From disinfecting high-touch surfaces to implementing effective cleaning protocols, we prioritize the well-being of everyone in your facility.

  • Restroom Cleaning

    Our meticulous approach to restroom cleaning services ensures your office’s bathrooms stay fresh all year long. We pay close attention to detail, employing proven techniques to eliminate germs, remove odors, and provide a pleasant experience for all restroom users. Even better, we keep your cabinets stocked with necessary supplies.

From Grime to Shine: Floor Cleaning Services in Birmingham, AL

  • Scrubbing and Buffing

    With a skilled team specializing in scrubbing and buffing, CFM utilizes cutting-edge equipment and techniques to restore the natural luster of your hard floors. From removing scuff marks to enhancing the overall appearance, our experts leave your floors looking impeccable.

  • Stripping and Waxing

    Over time, even the most durable floors may require a little extra care. Luckily, CFM’s stripping and waxing service breathes new life into your floors, eliminating built-up grime and restoring their original brilliance. We’ll strip away old wax layers and apply fresh coats, leaving your floors protected, polished, and ready to impress.

  • Carpet Cleaning

    Carpeted areas offer comfort and style. However, they also require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Luckily, when it comes to carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL, Corporate Facilities management goes above and beyond. We employ advanced techniques and powerful equipment to extract deep-seated dirt, allergens, and stains from your carpets. No matter the season, rest assured knowing we deliver a thorough cleaning experience that leaves your carpets fresh, vibrant, and welcoming.

Beyond Traditional Cleaning Services: Birmingham’s Top Choice for Facility Management Solutions

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