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Consumable items and janitorial supplies are crucial to keep your facility well-maintained. However, making sure you always have the right supplies on hand can be challenging on your own. When consumable products like toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags diminish, you may find yourself scrambling to clean up properly.

With Corporate Facilities Management, Inc., you no longer have to worry about managing consumable items and cleaning products—we restock them for you. As your janitorial supply company, we provide room-to-room assessments of consumable items, cleaning products, and janitorial equipment. After assessing your inventory, we make sure you always have the right amount. We can also help you procure consumable items that are sometimes difficult to find, such as degreasers, personal protective equipment, or specialty cleaners.

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Find Commercial Cleaning Supplies With Corporate Facilities Management, Inc.

If your facility struggles to keep essential commercial cleaning supplies and consumable products on hand, Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. can help. Schedule a free consultation and discover how we can help you manage your inventory.

Explore the Benefits of Partnering With a Janitorial Supply Company

When you partner with a janitorial supply company like CFM, you will always have the right supplies on hand. However, that is not the only benefit. Our consumable item solutions also help you:

  • Control costs

    Properly managing your consumable items helps you avoid overstocking and stockouts, preventing you from paying for supplies you do not need and eliminating the possibility of costly rush ordering.

  • Improve employee and customer experiences

    No one wants to step into the bathroom stall and see that the toilet paper is out of stock. We make sure the necessary consumable items are always available, creating a better overall experience for those using your facilities.

  • Maintain overall cleanliness

    CFM provides a wide variety of consumable items and cleaning products. We can help you determine the specific products you need to establish a deeper clean throughout your facility.

Find Your Commercial Cleaning Solution

Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. does more than restock essential items in your facility. We provide comprehensive commercial cleaning solutions for a wide variety of industries to maintain a tidy facility year round. Whether you need someone to clean during the day, deep clean your carpets, or deal with pesky rodents and pests, our solutions make your business a warm, welcoming place for employees and customers alike.

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