Commercial Floor Cleaning

Keep your commercial flooring in pristine condition with our commercial floor cleaning services.

Make the Perfect First Impression With Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

When you come into work every morning, you might not notice the small scuffs on your laminate floors or the months-old coffee stain on your carpet. They are just a part of your workplace. However, these flooring imperfections may be the first thing a potential client notices when they walk through your doors.

At Corporate Facilities Management, Inc., we know that your facility’s appearance is an integral part of making a good first impression—potential clients are more inclined to work with you if your facility is clean and presentable. Our commercial floor cleaning services set you up for success by removing dirt, grime, and allergens from your flooring, providing a deep clean that keeps customers coming back.

Do Not Settle for Subpar Floor Care Services

Finding the right carpet, laminate, or hardwood floor cleaning service can be a hassle. Many commercial cleaning companies fail to deliver on their promises. Our professional cleaners go above and beyond with every service—they will even address flooring issues that are outside their scope of work!

Explore Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. provides a range of floor care services that maintain a pristine, professional appearance. Whether you want clean hardwood floors, lush carpets, or perfectly waxed laminate floors, we can help.

Floor Scrubbing and Buffing

Our scrubbing and buffing floor cleaning solutions effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains, making your facility more presentable for customers and employees. Regular cleaning and polishing also extends the life of your hardwood and laminate floors.

Floor Waxing and Stripping

CFM’s comprehensive floor waxing and stripping services revitalize your flooring. We expertly remove old wax buildup and apply a fresh coat to eliminate visible scratches and scuffs and improve your floor’s slip resistance. As a result, your floors are shiny, polished, and safe.

Carpet Cleaning

At CFM, we know that regular carpet cleaning is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy commercial facility. We use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to lift dirt, stains, and allergens from your carpet’s fibers. This spruces up your carpeted floors and significantly improves indoor air quality.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services for a Variety of Industries

We provide superior commercial floor cleaning services for a wide variety of businesses in Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding areas, including:

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