Commercial Security

Keep a keen eye on your facility 24 hours a day with our commercial security services.

Defend Your Commercial Property With Commercial Security Guards

Many businesses work with sensitive information or hazardous equipment. To run a safe, productive workplace, you need to protect these assets and keep unauthorized individuals out of dangerous areas. You also need someone onsite who can quickly respond to emergencies such as fires or break-ins.

Corporate Facility Management, Inc. provides 24-hour unarmed commercial security services in Birmingham, AL, and its surrounding areas. Our professional security officers are highly trained and certified by the Alabama Security Regulatory Board to help you maintain a safe facility.

However, our security teams do more than just maintain access control and keep unwelcome visitors out. They also monitor deliveries, maintain your vehicle fleet, manage traffic, and keep detailed logs of your facility’s happenings. Our comprehensive commercial security services keep your entire business safe and informed.

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Whether you run an industrial facility, distribution center, or commercial office building, protecting your building from theft and vandalism is a must. Contact Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. to set up a free commercial security consultation and discover how we can protect your facility.

How CFM’s Commercial Security Guard Services Support Your Business

Corporate Facilities Management, Inc.’s commercial security guard services are a great way to protect your business and promote safety throughout your workplace. Here are some of the ways our security teams help:

  • Providing a visible criminal deterrent

    By their presence alone, CFM’s security officers ward off criminals and deter robbery, trespassing, and vandalism.

  • Creating a positive image

    Our unarmed security guards also create a friendly, protective environment for employees and visitors, helping them feel safe and welcome in your facility.

  • Establishing peace of mind

    By keeping an accurate log of the comings and goings in your facility, our commercial security guards allow you to run your business without worrying about criminal disruptions.

Find Your Premier Security Guard Company in Birmingham, Alabama

At CFM, we know that every industry has different security needs. For example, many industrial and manufacturing facilities require 24/7 monitoring to protect their expensive equipment from theft or damage. Commercial offices may require security personnel to check visitors in throughout the day. No matter your commercial security requirements, our dependable security guards keep your facility safe from harm.

Your Full-Service Facility Management Solution

There’s more to facility management than commercial security. CFM provides a wide range of commercial management and maintenance services that keep your business looking its best. We are committed to making your facility as welcoming and presentable as possible for employees and customers alike.

Our full-service solutions include:

See How Our Commercial Security Services Can Protect Your Business

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